by Emil West


I recently asked a stupid question: "Send Emil out to visit a job fair...and what do you get?"
Well, the short answer is this book and in the more important reality ...great art in what Emil refers to “Abstract Realism...” Don’t ask! We made that mistake!
Please...for your viewing is an exclusive look at this new collection of business, employment art... here at WWWG Productions, we are proud to be able to bring you yet more art from the collections of Emil.
we hope that you will enjoy this new collection and buy multiple copies because as Charlie (our accountant) reminds me, Emil does owe us an extensive amount of money.
Due to this fact, we are happy to receive, publish and promote anything from Emil that might help us recoup some of our lost.
If you are reading this Emil…keep them coming!
Seine LaGone
WWWG Productions Ltd.
All rights Reserved. First Published March 2017 CE
First International Copyright March 2017 – 2042 CE
We are calling all the forgotten, those who the system deemed unemployable and cast out into the wilderness of unemployment to fight for their right to have a place at the table of opportunity.
We are calling upon the weak and the tired, those who have given up and are stranded out along the barren road that leads to a normal life.
We seek to offer you a hand, to help you up over the barriers that have been placed in your path and return you to the righteousness of employment.
Still, we feel that we cry out into the barren lands of unemployment and only here the echo of our shout as those who we seek are lost in the dream that the system painted for them before it cast them aside.
The dream was a lie; an ancient tale once told to their elders and has been passed down from grandfather to son all the way back from the Dreamtimes of the 1950’s. The dream was evil and for those who still hold it close to heart, who still speak its merits, who used it to navigate the wilderness of unemployment, it has cast a wicked spell that deepens the quicksand (with every step you take) of your inability to reach the shore of enlightenment and back onto the path to righteous employment.
If you are out there, if you can hear this cry, then there is finally new hope and it offers you a new map - a new path forward out of the mired quicksand in which you were cast and back into the prosperity that you were once promise.
We have no vested interest in helping you; the path belongs to each of us and it is up to each individual, each lost soul in the wastelands of unemployment to use and return to the journey home.
The truth of your future lies in your hands, in your ability to cast off the demons of the system’s lies and it is upon you to make the effort to rebuild your own live and live to see your own success.
You will quickly see that I am no fan of these humongous job fairs like the one that Seine asked me to go to.
At first, I was concerned as what was the implied message was here…
Why was I going to a job fair?
I had a job or do I?
Do I need a new job?
Since there was no pink slip included with my advance, I decided to soldier through even though I have been rather concerned with the sad reality that Mister “Chucky” Charles (WWWG’s oinker of an accountant) has so seriously poisoned my well at WWWG so deeply that even Seine wants me gone?
I understand that I just finished making my case that Seine should fire him…and it was a very detailed and polished effort that even included a killer PowerPoint and illustrated souvenir booklet…along with a parting gift option for Old Chucky – if Seine agreed.
Was this payback?
Was this a warning?
Was this retribution or a timeout, reminder of how frail all of us are even we depend upon some sort of paycheck?
I wasn’t sure that I wanted to know little-alone deal with that new set of issues…




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Emil West


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